Freedom is a fact, but using it is an art.​

Erich Fromm wrote about the escape from freedom as early as in 1941. It was his attempt to understand the desolation caused by citizens of democratic European states.
It was precisely the title of this monumental work that inspired the name of our foundation, and Erich Fromm’s thought remains very dear to us. His To Have or to Be, and The Art of Loving are the guideposts for the Foundation’s actions.

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The Art of Freedom Foundation aims to create bridges between communities that theoretically have no chance to meet in their everyday lives.

Sustainable goals

The Art of Freedom Foundation in its actions seeks to shape the world as a place that is friendly and full of unlimited opportunities for all. Therefore, one of the most important documents and roadmaps for action is the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This document contains the Sustainable Development Goals and was adopted by all 193 UN Member States through the General Assembly Resolution of 25.09.2015 in New York.