Love is one of the few things that can be multiplied whenever it is shared.
Perhaps it is even the only such thing?

Our foundation was established out of a love of freedom and the good and positive energy that we give out returns to us in many different ways. This time, it returned to us in the form of a generous donation enabling us to renovate our headquarters along with our workshop. Thanks to this support, the workshop space will allow us to support others in their development and, through this, to continue to spread and share the flow of good and positive energy and love with others.

This extremely generous gesture was on the part of one of the beneficiaries who took part in our Summer 2019 Space of Freedom project in cooperation with Sunsandra. Enraptured by the tranquillity, sense of happiness, and fulfilment that he achieved during our workshop, he presented us with a donation in November of the same year, saying:

“People from all over the world will come to Idzbark in order to learn just how to be happy”.

We like such prophesies.
Such prophesies oblige us to live up to our values.

Due to the many weeks of downtime in the renovation project, work on our Freedom Space is still in progress. Nevertheless, we are delighted to share the progress of the works with you. We started off from a building shell and an uninsulated roof and now all we are facing are the so-called cosmetic details…


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