The Salon of Culture – Encountering Nature and Culture

Apr 21, 2022 | Projects

The art of freedom = the freedom of art

Creative output and art are, by definition, free because they are a manifestation of feelings, experiences, trials and tribulations, and emotions and views of a human person as a free being. Only dictators and authoritarian rulers succumb to the illusion that in can be otherwise. A complete misunderstanding of the essence of the world and humanity lies at the core this illusion.

Thoughts cannot be unthought.
Emotions cannot be unfelt.
Creative output cannot be banned.
On the contrary! It oftentimes is unstoppable as it is a necessity for a creative person and is not subjected to the will.
Artists hold up a mirror to society.

Within the Encountering Nature and Culture project, the foundation has carried out actions related to creativity and artistic output, art, culture, and nature – combining various different fields where the presence of art does not seem to be obvious.

The Encountering Nature and Culture project also includes the patronage of the Art of Freedom Foundation over the Post-German/Recovered photography exhibition which is, in principle, an invitation to reflect on and discuss identity, historical continuity, and the common human heritage that transgresses the divides into national and geopolitical origins and identities. Here, nature – which has been shaped and formed by us humans in the form of the cultural landscape – is the food for thought about culture.

Our assumption and earnest desire was for the exhibition to travel around Poland and Europe to initiate talks, discussions, thoughts and reflections on the role of the human person in nature and the traces left by humans in their cultural context. Through the works constituting the exhibition we also want to point to the common cultural heritage of areas of Europe that belong to different states today, such as Poland, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Czech Republic and even Russia, Lithuania and Latvia. We look forward to your contact and welcome your involvement by exhibiting these works in your establishments and institutions! You can read more about the exhibition here.

In 2021, after a year and a half of being in the difficult and challenging pandemic situation, the Art of Freedom Foundation has organised another event as part of the Encountering Nature and Culture series. This was the Night of the Blooming Garlands and Ferns – a women’s meeting on the occasion of the shortest night of the year, which was accompanied by lectures on culture, healthy meals and… a late night dip in a lake set in a beautiful forest.

You’re welcome to read an account of this exceptional here