The Palace in Sztynort

Apr 21, 2022 | Projects

Since January 2019, the Art of Freedom Foundation has been taking part in a working group created at the German Embassy in Warsaw, aimed at restoring the palace in Sztynort.

Persons with expert knowledge in the field of conservation and restoration of historic buildings, history, and culture have been involved in the conceptual work of the working group. The chairperson of the group is the German Consul General Cornelia Pieper. The group operates at the German Embassy in Warsaw where its meetings are held whenever possible.

An expert group responsible for the development of the concept of use of the palace in Sztynort was established during a meeting of the “Sztynort” working group on 19th August 2021.

The composition of the group is continuing to expand and includes over 30 experts working in five sub-groups dedicated to different aspects of palace use. The President of the Art of Freedom Foundation, Olga Żmijewska, as a culture expert, is involved in the work of the Academia Masuria group charged with developing the concept of the non-governmental organisation operating at the palace.

The palace in Sztynort is not just an architectural gem surrounded by a beautiful, century-old park but primarily is a historic landmark that is linked to the German resistance movement.

It was in this very palace that secret discussions took place and the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler with the involvement of Heinrich von Lehndorff was planned and executed on 20th July 1944. That was when Sztynort or Steinort, as it was originally called, for many became a symbolic place advancing the European idea of peace and community.
Together and with joined forces, we are restoring the former glory of the palace and lending a new look to the estate that once belonged to the von Lehndorff family.

Thanks to this initiative, work in the palace has already begun and is being supervised by the conservator of historic buildings and monuments, engineer Wolfram Jäger. The German Bundestag has granted three tranches worth €500,000 each for the revitalisation of the palace and its grounds.

The Art of Freedom Foundation is involved not only in the development of the concept of use of the palace but is also co-creating the multi-annual cultural and educational programme for this place. We have also been co-creating the STN:ORT festival, which has been held annually since August 2020. Updates on this involvement of ours are posted regularly in the News tab on our website.

As an organisation promoting the concept of freedom, we believe that a common history and a shared cultural heritage is a valuable repository from which we can draw regardless of our nationality, native language, sex or age. This is the European legacy that is truly worth cultivating and nurturing…