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Personal freedom is critical to the quality of social capital and of a civil society and, therefore, for democracy.

This broad concept of personal freedom also includes the degree of freedom that every person gives themselves. As is known from the deliberations of Michel Foucault, this freedom may be left very truncated if individuals are, from an early age, forced to follow strict rules and institutional structures. The way in which an individual treats her/himself and the degree of freedom they give themselves are crucial starting points essential to the successful functioning of any individual in society. At the Art of Freedom Foundation, we pay close attention to how we treat ourselves and what we allow ourselves to do, as well as how people are creating their image instead of getting to know their true self, their strengths and so-called weaknesses, and discovering their true potentials. This is why the Foundation undertakes to support its beneficiaries in discovering and developing their potentials to the full.

Our projects, therefore, concern freedom in its broadest sense and take place within the five themes that you can learn more about in each of the tabs below.