The Freedom Vlog/Podcast

Apr 21, 2022 | Projects

My freedom cannot restrict your freedom…

How to go about respecting this principle in our relationships with others?
How not to transgress the boundaries of personal freedom?
What exactly is freedom and is it easy to implement in practice?

Free(dom) – living in freedom and living a slow life all in one vlog/podcast. Olga – the founder and president of the Art of Freedom Foundation, along with Aga – the owner of the creative firm “Słowo Daję” (I Give You My Word) – are two women from Varmia and Masuria who greatly enjoy the slowness of rural life.

In their discussions, they touch on the topic of freedom, which is widely understood by them as coming out of the box and out of closets, being oneself, and looking for one’s own path in life – also contrary to social or family expectations. True enough, we’re not afraid of any topics, regardless of whether they be gender, phallocentrism or marriage perceived as walking a tightrope.

Sometimes there are, of course, differences of opinions, diverging views and experiences but this is what makes it beautiful!

The Free(dom) series was originally created in the form of video conversations and posted on our YouTube Sztuka Wolności (The Art of Freedom) channel – here.

At the request of our loyal followers, the Foundation has also turned this content into a podcast to make it readily available while driving, jogging, cooking and even cleaning or carrying out work duties.

We’d be delighted to have you join us – you can find all the episodes here.