The past two months were a time of quiet and reflection but they were certainly not a time of inactivity! The Art of Freedom Foundation operates in line with the principle that “a person is a free being and can choose whether or not to react with fear, calm, joy, and empathy to a given situation. This is the essence of our freedom. It is only after what each of has gone through that everything manifests itself on the outside. This freedom is about entering into our personal agency, into the fact that we have control over our life and that we are aware of the consequences of our actions. Such an approach to life is the key to a mature democracy and civil society”.

This statement is not just a motto of ours but a fragment of a statement of the President of the Art of Freedom Foundation from an interview that she gave to the book titled “50 Wpływowych Kobiet Sukcesu” ( “50 Influential Women of Success”) during the Coronavirus lockdown.

This is one of the effects of the cooperation between the Art of Freedom Foundation and the “Businesswoman & Life” magazine for the benefit of UNICEF and SOS Children’s Villages in Poland.

As the title itself suggests, the book is a compilation of the stories and profiles of enterprising women, and the proceeds from the sale of this publication will go to the SOS Children’s Villages in Poland.

The book’s release date is set for 5th June. We still have not received confirmation as to whether or not it will still go ahead as planned. We will certainly keep you in the loop regarding the book première and warmly encourage you to support this admirable cause!