Olga Żmijewska took part in a panel discussion titled “Recovered Windows” on 18th August 2020 within the STN:ORT 2020 Summer of Windows festival in Sztynort. The discussion opened the Post-German/Recovered exhibition of photographic works, of which the Art of Freedom Foundation is a patron.

The discussion was recorded by Węgorzewo TV.
Below is a link to the recording on the official FB page of the TV station’s official Facebook page:

Hannah Wadle, the foundress and artistic director of the STN:ORT 2020 festival led the meeting very ably and engagingly, posing insightful questions and bringing to the fore the unique, distinguishing features of each and every person. Hannah also handpicked the three-person panel — Maria Skibińska (author of “They were here before us”) and Ryszard Michalski (leader of the Raft Association, among many others) also partook in the discussion. Piotr Wagner, festival collaborator, interpreted the entire evening extremely professionally for all the German speakers present.

The recording below beautifully portrays what happens when diversity exists free from any attempts of external interference, when every person realises their potential and feels that their milieu is conducive to them and is a place where they can spread their wings in harmony with themselves and at their very own, individual pace. This was exactly the atmosphere of the conversation. This is exactly the spirit in which each of the persons that met up there acts and functions.
And this is the world that we desire to build through the Art of Freedom!