The Freedom Calendar

Feb 20, 2020 | News

The Freedom Calendar

Feb 20, 2020 | News

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Kalendarz Wolności

​Imagine a life where you don’t know what day of the week it is because you live in sync with your own natural rhythm and “work” whenever you feel like working. This may be a Monday morning, a Saturday afternoon, or a Sunday night. You are the creator of each and every day, setting its pace and rhythm.

An eight-hour working day and five-day working week are the aftermath of the industrial era and stem from the work changes in factories, where profit maximisation required machines to work round the clock. People were subjugated to machines and other people’s gains.

​In the age of digitalisation, in a democratic state governed by the rule of law based on human rights and equality between women and men, should our rhythm still look like that from a Charles Dickens novel? Can it actually be any different?

In the Freedom Calendar there are no days of the week—there is no divide into a working week and the weekend because all this is down to you: whatever you decide and the breakdown you choose to apply. This being the case, you can write the days of the week by hand. The Freedom Calendar will help you open up to the life-life-balance concept as opposed to work-life balance because you certainly don’t divide your life into “life” and “work”, do you? Is “work” not “life”? Consider what this way of thinking could bring to your life attitude? Do you feel good and comfortable with the thought that you’re devoting your life to a “non-existent life”?

The Freedom Calendar does not contain any national holidays—you won’t find any Boxing Day or Good Friday here! Why? Because you’re the one to decide what you choose to celebrate. How does the fact that all the calendars on the market list the feast days of only one religious community affect you? Does such an approach not create in you the illusion that, for one, life is governed by the laws and prohibitions laid down by one religious community and, for two, that the only religious community in the right is the one whose feast days are listed in all the calendars?

Try to see what effect the absence of religion (at least in your calendar) and of national holidays based on social conventions carrying with them the pressure of consumption will have on your awareness. How will you feel once “working days” are erased from your calendar, simply leaving “life days”?

We strongly recommend this experiment, particularly to those who have just embarked on the journey of running their own business, and not on a nine-to-five basis. We all know from previous encounters and experience that it is extremely difficult to allow oneself to discover one’s own rhythm. Fledgling business owners often feel lost and bewildered by all this and are accompanied by a sense of guilt for “only” having worked 4 instead of the “normal” 8 hours, or for taking the day off on Monday simply because they felt like it. We’re here to support you in your strivings to live a life on your terms—a life full of joy and happiness, good health, a calm spirit, and inner peace.

We want to help strengthen you and reinforce the awareness that every person individually discovers and creates their personal life rhythm. The history of the contemporary community of Polish men and women goes back to serfdom, in other words, slave labour, a moving portrayal of which was given by Andrzej Leder in his “Dreamed Revolution”. Socialisation and the passing on from generation to generation of fears and convictions stemming from the times of slavery make many people still replicate the attitude of a slave. The Art of Freedom Foundation is here to help in overcoming this unconscious habit.

How to use a Freedom Calendar?

​You can start using the Freedom Calendar at any time you want, regardless of the time of year. Simply draw a thick line under the previous months and don’t worry about wasting space as you can fill it next year. This is possible because the dates are not allocated to any specific days of the week.

The calendar can be used for an annual cycle where you can write your own dates and include trips, holidays and ideas. You can also use the calendar for several years, for instance, by using different colours for given years or by adding events that occur regularly, once or several times a year, like an MOT, a friend’s birthday, a monthly Soroptimist club meeting, and the like. You can have the Freedom Calendar hanging on your wall for several years at a time, without having to transfer any dates into a new calendar with the dawn of a new year. What’s more, you won’t have to throw the calendar away once the year is over.

Such a multi-year calendar can also contribute to protecting the natural environment and also enrich your everyday life with its fresh graphic design and aesthetics, serving as a gentle reminder of the lightness of life and the freedom that it entails, and that we are free to choose, day in day out.

We wish you all the best in life—hoping you enjoy our Freedom Calendar and that it contributes to unleashing your inner creativity!

Freedom Calendar dimensions: 68 cm x 98 cm
You can also purchase the Freedom Calendar by writing us an email to our personal email account or to the Art of Freedom Foundation
The Freedom Calendar is available for a price of PLN 40 (exclusive of shipping costs) and all the proceeds from it go to our statutory goals and objectives.
You can also collect your calendar in person at our head office in Idzbark or have it sent to you by post or courier service. What’s more, we are currently working on the Foundation’s online store where you will soon also be able to purchase our unique Freedom Calendar.