The Art. Of Freedom Foundation at the UNO in Geneva

Jun 22, 2018 | News

The Art of Freedom Foundation was entered into the National Court Register on 7th May 2018. Our Foundation is still in its infancy but it has come to crawl amidst true salons…

On 12-13 June, Olga Żmijewska, the President of the Art of Freedom Foundation, took part in the INFOCUS Conference dedicated to social innovations within the UN Sustainable Development Goals (, in line with the Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030, which was held in the UN headquarters in Geneva.

The Art of Freedom Foundation focuses on Goals 4, 5, and 10: good quality education; gender equality; and less inequality.
During the Conference, our President had the opportunity to gain fuller knowledge of Agenda 2030 topics, take part in workshops dealing with the issue of resolving the case of the successful integration of refugees within the European Union, and was also invited to participate in a panel discussion on responsible business.

Thereby, the village of Idzbark (where we our headquarters are located) was represented in the UN for the first time in its history!
And that indeed is the whole point!
Not only does democracy and a civic society allow us to participate in their processes but they actually require our active involvement and dedication. And that is exactly what we understand by the name “The Art of Freedom Foundation”. Freedom is an art, as it requires realisation, implementation, active nurturing, and protection… Without this, it can easily be lost or forfeited.

Olga Żmijewska travelled to Geneva not just as the President of the Foundation but also as a child of immigrants back in the day, as a female entrepreneur, as a woman, as a resident of a small village on the edge of the European Union, and as a female researcher. Each of these aspects of herself allowed her to make a valuable contribution to the talks, discussions, and workshops that were held and also gain a great deal herself.

We’re thrilled that the Art of Freedom Foundation could share its experiences on an international forum and equally as pleased to be given the chance to learn about the actions and initiatives of other people from different parts of the world—Barcelona, Perm and Hong Kong to mention but a few.

Such exchanges greatly strengthen us in the conviction that in all our diversity, we are all the same. Meetings, conferences and trips of this sort strikingly highlight that no matter where we are on earth, people want to have decent living conditions to grow, develop, and thrive. It is our earnest desire to actively engage in such common strivings and exert a valuable impact on what goes on in our village, our region, our country… and beyond!
And our search for answers and solutions to this end never ends…