The Space of Freedom

Oct 29, 2019 | Projects

The Space of Freedom

Oct 29, 2019 | Projects

Exploration of consciousness

Freedom is a fact.
A human being is born free. A person acquires an awareness of their biological sex, the cultural significance that is attributed to it, and their material status and position in the social hierarchy and the political system in which they live after some time only.

These conditions are not given to us once and for all and none of us have to succumb to them. The way we function in society is based on a gentlemen’s agreement that we are trained to comply with and observe during the course of socialisation and education in the family as the smallest unit in society. This is a social contract that none of us personally signed.

Freedom is a fact but using it is in art.

What kind of meanders of the human mind make so many people behave like a canary sitting in a cage despite its doors being long left wide open?

Wolność jest faktem, ale korzystanie z niej jest sztuką.

The Space of Freedom series of workshops leads its participants into an active exploration of their own consciousness which is shaped by them according to their often unconscious convictions.

In turn, consciousness and subconsciousness shape the lives of each and every one of us. That is why it is worth reaching the very sources of the mechanisms that determine us and oftentimes lead to a dissonance between the life we dream of and reality.

Our several-day workshops involve working with a male or female consciousness transformation trainer who assist and guide in the process of entering into oneself in order to reach one’s unique potential.

We combine two worlds within this project: the world of science and the spiritual world.