The Freedom Calendar

The Freedom Calendar


​Imagine a life where you don’t know what day of the week it is because you live in sync with your own natural rhythm and “work” whenever you feel like working. This may be a Monday morning, a Saturday afternoon, or a Sunday night. You are the creator of each and every day, setting its pace and rhythm.

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An eight-hour working day and five-day working week are the aftermath of the industrial era and stem from the work changes in factories, where profit maximisation required machines to work round the clock. People were subjugated to machines and other people’s gains.

​In the age of digitalisation, in a democratic state governed by the rule of law based on human rights and equality between women and men, should our rhythm still look like that from a Charles Dickens novel? Can it actually be any different?

In the Freedom Calendar there are no days of the week—there is no divide into a working week and the weekend because all this is down to you: whatever you decide and the breakdown you choose to apply. This being the case, you can write the days of the week by hand. The Freedom Calendar will help you open up to the life-life-balance concept as opposed to work-life balance because you certainly don’t divide your life into “life” and “work”, do you? Is “work” not “life”? Consider what this way of thinking could bring to your life attitude? Do you feel good and comfortable with the thought that you’re devoting your life to a “non-existent life”?